109 Years of Praising & Worshipping God
William L. Shaw, II, PASTOR
50 Lupine Street, Pawtucket, RI 02860

Music Ministry

The Adult Choir, which is merely an ensemble of six with the voices of a legion of angels, have not been blessed with a musician.  

Their styles of praise range from metered hymns to anthems to quartet to gospel to contemporary to spiritual.  As you can hear the brief sample, the spirit-filled Adult Choir's close harmony is only enhanced by the absence of accompaniment.  The Choir is a definite compliment to our forefathers and mothers and an excellent example for our daughters and sons . . .

The Children's Choir is comprised of youth ranging from four years old to age thirteen.  Under the direction of Sister Spiver and accompanist, Reverend Tate, the Choir has blossomed to be true virtuosos.

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