109 Years of Praising & Worshipping God
William L. Shaw, II, PASTOR
50 Lupine Street, Pawtucket, RI 02860

Union Baptist Church Historical Notes

After several years of meeting in the second floor hall over the blacksmith shop on the corner of Main Street and Slack Lane (now known as School Street), George Dixon, B. E. Gibson, James Henderson, Nathaniel Jackson and Henry Massey organized the Union Baptist Church the spring of 1893.

The Old Meeting House, formerly the Free Will Baptist Church building, was purchased for approximately $2,000.00 on July 12, 1893, at 8:00 o'clock in The First Baptist Church of Pawtucket.  Such well known names as Darling, Coates, Jenks, Newell, Goff, Hood, Payne, Conant were a few of the businessmen contributing to the purchase of the edifice.  On July 12, 1893, Reverend Thomas L. Crocker was installed pastor and UNION BAPTIST CHURCH OF PAWTUCKET, RHODE ISLAND, was established.

The Union Baptist Church Family moved several times over the years in the interest of progress and to make way for Interstate 95: from East Street to School Street to Elm Street (approximately the locale of Apex Garden Center) in 1958, to our present location, 50 Lupine Street, in 1964.

Special Services were held at Slater Park and the Cathedral of the Pines.  Community Outreach Programs developed: Walk from Prospect Heights to services at the church lead by Reverend Terrell; Union Baptist Against Alcohol and Drugs (UBAAD), a State of Rhode Island funded program, was established in 1985; Sex Education for the Christian Youth, the Under 30 Club for young adults, the interfaith Community Partnership for Pawtucket and Central Falls Church Program, and the Substance Abuse Prevention Program, are a few. The Church has prospered by tithing (Malachi 3).  We laid the cornerstone on the Hundredth Anniversary, purchased a new van (1995), made the church entrance handicap accessible (1996), established a scholarship program and have just been awarded a Reading Program Grant and have purchased the adjacent undeveloped land for off-street parking.  Under the leadership of our new Pastor, William L. Shaw, II, we are already in the planning stages of adding on to the edifice as well as remodel the restrooms and kitchen.  

This is a small visit into our past but Union Baptist Church is now a Church on the Move and we will continue to laugh, cry, pray and sing praises to God right into the next millennium.

Union Baptist Pastors
Rev. Thomas L. Crocker 1893-94Rev. Fred L. Thomas 1894-95
Rev. George K. Folks 1895Rev. D. D. Robert 1895-96
Rev. William Perry 1896-1901Rev. Johnson 1902-03
Rev. William S. Holland 1903-08, 1917-22 Rev. George E. Hughes 1910-12
Rev. O. S. Paul Thompson 1912-13, 1933Rev. Colston 1913-14
Rev. Robinson 1915-16Rev. C. H. Garlick 1916-17
Rev. Luke Jones 1922-23Rev. Collins 1923-25
Rev. C. Becker 1925-29Rev. David Moss 1929-32
Rev. Ponds 1934Rev. Rosco Nelson 1936-38
Rev. Williams 1939-40Rev. Perry 1941-42
Rev. Rosco Nelson 1943, 1950-66Rev. Blyden 1948-50
Rev. Robert Suggs 1966-68Rev. Henry Young 1968-70
Rev. Bravell Dodd 1971-73Rev. Alfred Terrell 1974-77
Rev. Ronald L. Carter 1978-88Rev. Daphne Wiggins* 1989
Rev. Colonel Heidleberg*1989-91Rev. L. C. Hopes1991-98
Rev. William L. Shaw, II1999 to Date
*Interim Pastor
Union Baptist Current Officers
Rev. William L.Shaw, II, Pastor
Deac. Peter Morris, Diaconate ChairmanSis. Ada Shelton, Trustee Board Chairman
Sis. Geraldine Addision, Financial SecretarySis. Lorna Profitt, Treasurer
Sis. Ada Shelton, Church ClerkSis. Vivian Balcom, Sunday School Superintendant
Sis. Frances Draper, Children's Church DeanSis. Cecile Spiver, Adult Choir President
Sis. Sandra Qualls, Usher Board DirectorSis. Betty Brown, Missionary President

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