109 Years of Praising & Worshipping God
William L. Shaw, II, PASTOR
50 Lupine Street, Pawtucket, RI 02860

Eleventh Annual Deacon &
Deaconess Day Celebration
September 10, 2000

The Union Baptist Diaconate (Deacon & Deaconess) Board, Chaired by Deacon Peter G. Morris, Sr., was able to out do their last Annual Day Celebration.  It started with the soul-stirring morning Message delivered by Reverend Alfred Terrell, Pastor of the Macedonia Baptist Church of Newport News. Reverend Terrell taught the need for, explained the results of, then compelled us to "PRAY".  The Spirit, guiding the choirs renditions of I've Got To Have Jesus (The Lord's Prayer) and Just A Little Talk With Jesus, further goaded Reverend Terrells commands from God for us to pray without ceasing.  We are anxiously awaiting the 4:00 Worship Service to hear more from Reverend Terrell and the Diaconate's Day of Praise.  Join Us.

For those of you who were not fortunate enough to join us in the afternoon, you truly missed a foot-stomping, hand-clapping, shouting-hallelujah, blessing of a good time.  Reverend Terrell let us all know God's Got Your Back.  Regardless of the trials, successes, temptations, triumphs, struggles, victories, tears or laughter He is right there in the mix.  To only lift us to further heights, the UBC Adult Choir let us know we need to remember this is Just Another Day we've been allowed to reflect on those Precious Memories and as long as we are Willing to Run On and Trust In The Lord we'll be able to Sit Down By the Banks of the River.

After the spiritual soul was filled, the Diaconate laid out a feast fit for the sons and daughters of The King present.  The worship, praise, fellowship and food made for an excellently blessed day, one to be long remembered.

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